Mid Island Cadora Association


Becoming a MICA Member

To become a member, please contact the club for a current membership form.

CADORA is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to foster the sport of dressage by encouraging participation in competitions, demonstrations, lectures and other activities, which increase knowledge and understanding of good horsemanship.

Memberships run from January 1st to December 31st.  Renewals due by March 1st

Senior memberships must be renewed with National prior to April 1st to retain voting privileges.

What does MICA provide for it's Members?

1. Privileges of Membership:

  • right to vote
  • attendance at Annual General Meetings

2. Benefits of Membership:

  • Low Membership fees for value received
  • CADORA Inc. Omnibus
  • CADORA gift
  • CADORA INK newsletter (three times per year) 
  • Awards Program
  • L-Inc Program
  • Membership Card
  • Amateur Sport Tax Receipts for Sponsorships/Donations
  • Education Sponsorship Plan
  • Policies & Procedures Manual (includes "How to run a Dressage Competition")
  • Information Pamphlets on request
  • Memorabilia (Rain covers & baseball caps on request)
  • Representation at EC Meetings

3. Activities (provided mainly by local volunteers):

  • Competitions : Discovery, Bronze, and Gold Shows
  • Championship Competitions : Provincial and National
  • Workshops, Seminars, Clinics etc...
  • Social gatherings, lectures, video evenings etc ...
  • Meetings



A supporting membership will give people the opportunity to show their support to MICA without the high fees of a regular membership. This is a great option for coaches, parents, and friends. Is a supporting membership beneficial to you or somebody you know?

Benefits of a supporting membership:

- Invitation to all MICA social events, including the yearly Holiday party
- Invitation to all non-riding clinics and educational events
- Invitation to all MICA meetings (non-voting)
- Supporting members will receive the bi-monthly newsletter direct to their inbox
- Along with MICA members, supporting members will get priority postings in the well-read newsletter (such as member updates, classifieds, events, etc)
- If you are a coach, business card is shown on the MICA coaches website
   * Please note MICA’s website has had over 6500 page views in the past year by nearly 2500 viewers, on average 10% of these people view coaches

Restrictions of a supporting membership:

- Supporting members are not eligible for year-end awards or prizes
- Supporting members do not receive rider benefits such as show discounts
- Supporting members will be members of Mid Island Cadora only; not Cadora BC
- Supporting members will not receive a free omnibus with membership
- Supporting members will not be able to vote at MICA meetings (but will be able to attend meetings and voice their opinions freely to members)


MICA Junior Bursary Fund

"These funds are available once a year to our Jr. MICA Members.  These funds are in the amount of $75.00 and is to go towards continuing their training and or in clinics in the sport of dressage"

Open to Jr.'s to the age of 18

Must volunteer at two of the MICA Shows through the season

Try to attend at least one MICA Meeting
A letter has to be written and addressed to the MICA Executives stating what you have done through out the year in your training and what your goals are in the future in the sport of Dressage.

Deadline for these funds is the end of the calendar year, December 31st.